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Yes! Sometimes the string gets stuck inside the crevices of the pouch. Please double check, we almost never forget it!

Due to the unpredictable nature of weather, holiday delays, and internal carrier issues, all shipping times are approximate.

United States: Delivered within 1-4 business days
Canada: Delivered within 1-2 weeks
Rest of the World: Delivered within 1-3+ weeks

All orders are processed and complete by 1-3 business days.

An order is officially confirmed once we print a label for it.

We have scheduled pickups with our local post office in our facility and sometimes when we leave our packages for them they may not update the tracking due to it being either the weekend, a delay due to a higher volume of traffic, local weather conditions, or in the worst case scenario, a lost package. In the last case, we would speedily resolve those issues by sending you a new replacement order immediately. 💚

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