About Us

About OrnamentallyYou

Our Beginnings

I started OrnamentallyYou on an online marketplace as a hobby and passion project. To me, the holidays are a time of good vibes, joy, and kinship. My goal was to couple the ambiance of the holidays with the products I sold on my store. Unbeknownst to me at the time, my creations had an overwhelming demand and the results were multiple best selling items and a store that skyrocketed to the top 1% of all time Etsy sellers in just a few months. As my products were flying off the digital shelf it became very apparent to me what my limitations were - I had no control of production. I was broke and bankrupt at the time and the most feasible way I had of going about this business was to outsource the production on-demand. The benefits of not carrying inventory or taking any risks seemed great, but in reality, there were overwhelming issues. Shipping times were unbelievably slow, despite the production companies being in the U.S. On top of that, wrong items were sent and many were sent with errors. Some know me to exaggerate these kinds of issues, but nothing bothers me more than disappointed customers. At that point, I took all my profits and purchased a machine. Focusing on ornaments, I set out to print them myself at home. The 17 hour days during the winter time were cumbersome and it took a lot of determination and hard work to get through it with super fast shipping times. Customers come first, and if it was about the money only then I would have not shipped those orders out with priority shipping despite the fact the customers didn't ask for me to do so. Somebody that ordered on December 21st and received their product by Christmas would be consider my shop again I hope! Now, i've moved this business out the basement and we have a commercial space for picking and packing, production, and customer service. But it's still day 1. Thank you so much for visiting and I hope you love what you see!

Our Mission

We want to be the go to destination for holiday decorations. We want to grace every one of our customers with a positive experience, and something they cherish whether it's for a specific occasion or all year long. When the fall comes around, and you consider us because you had a great experience shopping with us, then Our Mission is accomplished. 

OrnamentallyYou is about the ornament and you. An ornament is not just the Christmas ornament itself, but by definition it is a thing used to make something look more attractive. Our diverse catalogue is destined to peak your interest, adorn your tree, and symbolize the merriment and joy of the holidays. We are not looking to change our customer's lives by buying an ornament or two - our simple goal is to just put a smile on their face. If our customers are happy, we are exuberant. We strive to create an unparalleled experience and atmosphere, and hopefully that makes us the best at what we do. 

Our Promise

Our hearts are in our products and our products are in our hearts. It's cliche, but we guarantee satisfaction. We can write for pages what we stand for, as most companies do, but here we want to list out what we do NOT stand for. The things we do not stand for are as follows: 

- Customers being unattended to or flat out ignored.

- Not doing anything when something goes wrong with an order.

- Preference. ALL customers are equal no matter what they order. A long time customer will get special attention and care. A first time customer will get special attention and care. Do you see where we are going with this? 

- Prejudice, internal and external. Race, color and creed are not even an afterthought when hiring employees or serving customers. 

- Environment damage. We are Eco-Conscious, and we therefore take the necessary steps to protect the ecosystem we all share. 

- Politics. We do not have a political orientation and we do not care what yours is. The domain of politics can be nasty, divisive, and even harmful. That is the diametric opposite of what the holidays are supposed to be about! 

We don't want you to get what you expected. We want to beat your expectations.  Thank you for coming and thank you for your consideration. To a long lasting relationship. Happy Holidays!