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✨ Currently, we are open to wholesale inquiries. Please contact us via email at wholesale@ornamentallyyou.com with details or click the button below to shop with us directly. 

🎁 We can accommodate smaller orders that would be suited for the mom-and-pop shop, or for the risk averse first time retailer. We also have the capacity to service larger stores. Your margins can potentially be upwards of 60-70%!

πŸ“ Contact us to work directly, for custom orders, or for volume-based pricing discounts!

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Bulk Orders and Wholesale

Why choose us as a vendor?

About us: A Team of Dreamers and Artisans

Explore our collection of curated decor, designed to turn spaces into captivating narratives or thoughtful gifts for cherished souls.

Our meticulously chosen artisan products, sourced and crafted with care, embody creativity and individuality, offering a testament to extraordinary living. Embrace the delight of gifting as you adorn lives with love and inspiration through our selection.

Join the OrnamentallyYou experience – a haven where each curated piece showcases our dedication to exceptional living and the heartfelt art of meaningful giving.


Happy customers ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

If our online customers tell us things like "they are even better in person!", then we should believe them. With over a thousand reviews, our average rating across the internet is a 4.9!

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Anything you want on an ornament πŸ’­

We have the ability to customize your ornaments. This is a great option for store owners in unique locations, with splendid local landmarks, etc.

They are also great for specific occasions such as company events, festivals, flea markets, and more.

The vast number of possible themes make for year-round relevancy in these wonderful gift products!

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